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The pool season is here!

The Village of Palatine offers a free drop-off program for special materials for Palatine residents. In
cooperation with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC), the Village of Palatine
will accept pharmaceuticals, sharps/needles, mercury thermometers, compact florescent lights bulbs
 (CFL's) and 4' florescent light tubes. More information regarding refuse, yard waste and recycling,
visit our website here. 

The deadline to file your appeal is  May 1st 2017
Please contact the Cook County's Assessor's Office at
(847) 358-6164

Do you have enough insurance?

Under the provisions of the Illinois Condo Act the board may assess the association's deductible back
to the unit owner, or owners involved in a claim made on the association's insurance policy.
For this reason every unit owner will want to carry the amount of the association's
deductible ($5000.00) on their loss assessment coverage or another endorsement provided on
their individual condo owner's policy.Please check with your insurance agent to make sure you
have enough coverage!
What is a Knox box?
Peace of mind knowing help is only a call away...
When a medical emergency strikes, help is only a call away. However, for those who live by
themselves or who have special mobility issues, what happens when they can't get to the
door to let help in? There's no need to hide a key or rely on a neighbor to be home when an
emergency strikes. A hidden key can be found by a burglar. And, your neighbor isn't home
every hour of the day. Are you eligible? Click on the picture and find out!



Don't get towed!
To fill out a  HC1 parking permit application click on any picture!
 Parking  Parking permit HC1   2015-16 HC1 Parking Application
Vehicles not moved for 7 consecutive days will be
subject for towing at the homeowner's expense!


Clubhouse rentals are in full swing!
Reserve your memorable events early!
The dates are filling up really fast!
Any questions please call:
ABC Property managers @ (847) 985-4044

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      Hidden Creek            Village of Palatine        Palatine Township
Hidden Creek     Palatine     Township

Yes, you can help keep our community clean! We know you and your neighbors want
to live in a clean neighborhood. To keep our community beautiful we need everyone's cooperation.
Have unwanted trash in your vehicle? Please do not leave it in the parking spaces.
(e.g., fast food bags, sodas, coffee cups etc.) For safety reasons, please do not throw cigarette
butts or other debris on the ground. Doing so can injure a resident, cause property damage
or unintentionally harm a dog or wildlife. Changing a common behavior like littering starts with you,
so please chose not to litter!           

Save our lakes!

Don't worry about what to do with your used batteries and
motor oil. Most AutoZone stores accept used motor oil,
transmission fluid, gear oil and automotive batteries.
Call: (847) 934-2559 

The 2016-2017
 "HC1 Overnight Parking Permit Stickers" 
are here! Please click on the sign below!
Parking Permit

Hidden Creek is private property. Using the "OnlineRequestforOvernightParking" option
offered by the Village of Palatine will not prevent vehicles in non-compliance with
Hidden Creek parking rules from being ticketed or towed. 

2017 Board Meetings:

Hidden Creek One1-25, 2-22, 3-29, 4-26,
5-31,6-28, 7-26, 8-30, 9-20, 10-25, 11-29 
Master Board:  1-10, 3-14, 5-9,
7-11, 9-12, 10-17,11-14

Location: 1700 Hidden Creek Circle
Time: 7:00 pm

Mark your calendar! 
Weekends of May 19th, June 16th,
August 4th & September 8th. 

Village of Palatine
Safest City


Palatine Ordinance section 5-6.
Palatine Police
The Palatine Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers FREE security surveys to all
Palatine residents. A security survey is a great way to determine if your door locks, window locks,
security systems, and other devices are adequate. During the survey, the officer will thoroughly
explain any existing security devices and then make any recommendations necessary to improve
the safety of your home. Security surveys can be made by appointment only @ (847) 359-9061.

The Palatine Nurses Lending Closet is located in the lower level of the
Village Hall at 200 E. Wood Street. Palatine township residents may borrow
medical assistive equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, bathing aids, etc.) at no charge.
The Closet is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 11:30 a.m.
Call (847) 934-3016 for more information.

Condo I has an insurance policy with American Family Insurance. The policy runs
from March 15, 2016 to March 15, 2017.  If you are refinancing or selling your
unit and need a certificate of insurance, please contact :

How to submit a work order

HC1 Work orders

Do you need help with home maintenance or
simple home improvement projects?
If you're 65 or older you're qualify!

To Apply

The independent Hidden Creek financial review
can be obtained by calling ABC Property Managers 
@ (847) 985-4044

Palatine weather

Parking in Hidden Creek...

General Parking Rules
You may park up to four vehicles anywhere in Hidden Creek (except Brice Court & Emerald Bay)
 over night. One car in the garage, one on your driveway, and two cars on the street with
proper permit. Vehicles parked between 2am-6am on the streets, and/or the parking
bays of Hidden Creek without a valid Hidden Creek 1 parking permit, may be subjected
to towing by Northwest Recovery Service. Also, vehicles parked illegally any time of
the day in Hidden Creek may be ticketed and/or towed by the Palatine Police
Department, or other designated authority. No vehicle may extend beyond the end
of a driveway or block access to or from any driveway.

Parking Stickers
Owners must have a zero balance in order to obtain parking stickers and guest passes as well as current proof of homeowner's insurance on file with the management office. Only 2 stickers per address per year are allowed. No exceptions. Stickers will not be issued to commercial vehicles. If your vehicle was sold or no longer will be parked in Hidden Creek 1 property you may transfer the old sticker with a written approval from ABC Property Managers. All vehicles must be registered to a Hidden Creek 1 address. The new stickers will expire @ midnight on September 30th 2017.

ABC Property Managers, Inc.
1732 West Wise Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193

(847) 985-4044 - Ext. 107

Contact: Pam Stanish

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